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The inefficiency in development that is exasperated by a lack of effective communication is unacceptable in our heavily connected digital world. The International Education News Network is taking a lead to create an effective medium to share information in a language that all stakeholders in education development can understand, from the policy makers to the public. We are committed to using data, case studies and real-time events to develop reports with the goal of raising awareness that can lead to effective national and globally competitive policies that affect human capital development, shape market economies and drive cultural competence. We are committed to knowledge capacity building between agencies that lead to local buy-in and sustainability.

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What is IENN?

The International Education News Network is an online news broadcast network started September 2015. Our goal is to bring you in-depth comprehensive reports regarding international education world wide. We get our information from the direct source and do our best to make our stories fair, factual and balanced.

If you have a tip or a story send it to: info@internationaleducationnews.com

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